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With the day to day pressures of tighter lead times and reduced profit margins, THIEME KPX are pleased to offer the following machine options to reduce set up times, increase productivity and registration accuracy aided by a High Precision THIEME Screen Frame and Substrate Alignment Camera System
Thieme KPX

Automatic screen alignment with camera system
•    For fast set up of the screen with an accuracy of +/- 30 µm
•    With motorised screen adjustment
•    Basic version with 2 cameras for one size of screen frame

Fully automatic substrate alignment vision systems

Using two registration marks on each print

System includes:
•    Camera System with fixed cameras stand with high precision guides for camera set up.
•    Motorised table with high precision drives for fast and accurate substrate alignment.
•    Table drive with high precision servo drive and reinforced table guide
•    Substrate registration accuracy of +/- 40 µm (THIEME 3020)
•    PLC System with 10" Touch Panel

These options especially benefit customers with industrial applications where premium substrate materials are used and multi-layer coatings are applied.

These options are available on all new THIEME 1000 & 3000 Screen Printing Machines.

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