Digital Printing Solutions

Digital printing is a modern printing process which has its strengths especially in small quantities or often changing designs.
A few examples where digital printing can be used:
  • Graphic printing
  • Decoration of glass
  • Printing on plastics
  • Sheet metal
  • Printing on wood
  • Rigid and flexible substrates

The combination of digital printing with proven THIEME machine technology allows THIEME KPX to offer an optimised high quality digital machine which is fully tailored to customer requirements.

Key Benefits:
  • Flexibility of customers being able to choose their own inks, format size and material handling systems
  • Consistency from R&D process development to an industrial printing system
  • Selection of standard machine assortments or systems for integration in to a specific manufacturing process
  • Reliability and longevity of products
  • Precision engineering
  • High quality printing combined with excellent material handling registration accuracy 

Thieme LAB Digital

THIEME LAB Digital Series
Semi-automatic flatbed laboratory machine

Thieme 3000D

THIEME 3000D Series
¾ or fully automatic flatbed machine with automatic sheet take-off system

Thieme 500D

THIEME 500D Series
Reliable entry level into industrial digital printing

Thieme Digital Printing of Membrane Switches

THIEME KPX - Digital Printing of Membrane Switches
Customised designs with gradations, fills and fine detail possible in digital printing.


THIEME KPX - Digital Brochure

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