THIEME 3000D Series

The open system of the THIEME 3000D allows unrestricted access to all parameters, so we uniquely give customers the freedom to select the formats and machine concepts in line with their requirements.
  • The linking of digital printing with proven THIEME machine technology for rigid and flexible materials
  • Variable printing formats from the matchbox to the facades of houses
  • Easy linking of modules to complex printing systems – including screen-print
  • Digital-printing hybrid systems combines the advantages of screen printing with the preferences of digital printing
  • Customised solutions for integration into the industrial environment
Key benefits:
  • Multipass system for the highest demands
  • High precision linear drive technology enables excellent printing quality
  • Preset common printing modes and additional access to all process parameters
  • Individual desired formats can be realised.
  • The degree of automation can be increased by additional THIEME technologyThe number and position of lay-on-pins, switchable vacuum fields and table cooling can be optionally integrated
  • Direct purchase of the approved ink system from the ink manufacturer
  • Extensive option packages 
  • Versatile machine concept (e.g. expansion of the number of print heads, upgrades)
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Thieme 3000D Technical Data

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